Champion Hardwood Floors -

Athletic, Gym, Court, Dance & Stage Flooring

With over 20 years experience, Champion Hardwood Floors is one of the few flooring contractors offering NATIONWIDE service with over 1,000,000 sq. ft. installed throughout the country.  We can offer unit pricing for your proprietary contractor program.  We service all of southern California and most of our work is provided for schools, colleges, recreation and private athletic facilities.


Champion Hardwood Floors is excited to introduce a new service that we've just recently developed.  We discovered a need by our clients in the retail industry where their floors needed resurfacing without affecting their day to day operations.


We use a UV floor finish that cures instantly, yet is the most durable on the market. Our UV finish is an environmentally friendly green product.  We can complete an average 5,000 to 6,000 sq. ft. floor in one (1) night. Dust is minimal with our vacuum assisted sanders.  When you return in the morning, you're ready to start your day's business.


LIC # 495510 C15                                Owner operated since 1992.

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New Floor Sales & Installation


Champion Hardwood Floors sells and installs various types of sport/athletic and commercial floors.  For athletic sport floors, we provide high quality dance floors, gym floors, performing arts stages, indoor running tracks and more.  We have also provided commercial flooring for restaurants, amusement parks and more.

Floor Repair and Service


Champion Hardwood Floors can help maintain and repair your floor.  We offer annual and semi-annual flooring maintenance programs.  We can also repair moisture damage, scrub and recoat, and sand and refinish your floors.   Recently, we have added UV recoating to our list of services which allows for much quicker and safer recoating of your wood floor.