Wood Floor Annual Scrub & Recoat Services

Now that you have your dream floor, let Champion Hardwood Floors maintain your new look.  Not only do we install the best quality new floors, we also offer semi and annual maintenance programs to keep your floor looking NEW.


What is Scrub and Recoat?


This process is designed to build up a wear layer on top of your wood before it wears off.  This is done as needed by the frequency of use.  If your running programs 24/7, you may need to recoat as often as every four (4) months.  Most facilities only require annual recoats.


Champion Hardwood Floors uses an "auto scrubber" machine that applies cleaning solution to an abrasive pad underneath that cleans and abrades the surface to accept another coat of urethane.  This ensures proper adhesion and prevent peeling, blistering, or chipping.  This is a typical condition when maintenance work is done "in house."  Our thorough preparation of the surface is the key to our success in this field.  Another reason is we only use Hillyard Floor Care Products.  This prevents compatibility issues from one product to another.  We are trained and certified by the Hillyard Company in all phases of floor maintenance.  Typically, two (2) coats of finish are needed for annual maintenance if done properly.  Some floors can go 15 years between resurfacing which, if done too often, can shorten the life of your floor and minimize your investment.  


Studies show floor maintenance done by qualified personnel can extend the service life of a floor by as much as 50%!


Flooring Services

We offer a wide range of floor maintenance services to keep your floor looking its best:


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