Junckers CLIP Athletic Wood Flooring System

Standard Performance Sports Floor System



The Junckers Clip system provides medium shock-absorptionand elasticity and is perfectly suited for minor renovation projects which traditionally require low installation height when the floor system is installed over an existing sports floor.  The clip system is a floating floor which is easy to install. Simply roll out the foam underlay and join together the floorboards using Junckers’ unique Clip System.  The construction height is either 27 mm when the floor is installed over a sprung sports floor, or 32 mm when installed over a concrete sub-floor or a hard sports floor. This is due to the different underlay thicknesses required for each type of sub-floor.



  • EN certified
  • Performance depending on sub-floor
  • Excellent ball-bounce
  • Prefinished solid hardwood boards
  • Sturdy and stable floation system
  • Very good impact noise reduction
  • Low construction height - ideal for refurbishment work
  • Suitable for both new buildings and renovation prejects
  • May be installed over existing floors
  • Quick and esay installation
  • Easy maintenance

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