Junckers UnoBAT 50 Wood Athletic Flooring System

High Performance Sports Floor System



The UnoBAT 50 system is a fully sprung batten system, which is particularly suited for multi-sports halls, providing all the necessary characteristics for rapid moving ball games. The laminated battens feature a specially developed rubber material with differentiated hardness on the underside. One hard inner strip and two soft outerr ubber strips combine to provide a two-step shock-absorbing effect with built-in deformation limitation. The result is optimum shock-absorption and ball-bounce across the entire surface of the floor.  A choice of two different batten centres is available in order to accommodate various demands for sports performance and load capacity.

  • DIN and EN certified
  • Complies with the ENV fatigue tests
  • Perfect shock-absorption
  • Unique ball-bounce
  • Suitable for both high-impact and low-impact activities
  • Prefinished solid hardwood boards
  • Prefinished, laminated battens for quick, easy and safe installation
  • Low construction height
  • Quick and easy installation
  • Suitable for both new buildings and renovation projects
  • Easy maintenance 

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