Herculan Synthetic Polyurethane Floor

Multipurpose Sports Floor



The “greenest” synthetic polyurethane floor on the market.

To satisfy the ever-growing demand for environmentally friendly products and to support “green” building initiatives, Action Floor Systems is proud to offer a completely solvent-free synthetic polyurethane multipurpose floor system.


Totally solvent-free — from bottom layer to top coat — Action Herculan® features an exclusive, water-based nontoxic top coat, free of volatile organic compounds (VOCs), with no residual fume issues to contend with. Installation of Herculan requires no building evacuation making scheduling smoother and minimizing disruption of activity in occupied facilities.


HERCULAN is a durable, cost-effective solution for many applications. HERCULAN provides high performance, uniformity in play and is extremely durable, providing excellent tear and tensile strength as well as elongation properties. Adhesion and water resistance are unsurpassed. Game lines are applied using HERCULAN line-marking paint. HERCULAN is often used where a high-quality synthetic surface is desired in conjunction with a premium Action maple sports floor as its centerpiece.


HERCULAN synthetic floors are available in 16 colors. Please contact us for a free color guide or catalog.


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